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is a Stairway Approach to help you make your home more energy efficient, more sustainable with a smaller carbon footprint.  Healthier for your family and Healthier for our planet.   It was created by Studio Rebus.

G = g  ?

Greener for our planet and greener for your wallet.

Click below to download an image of the Stairway to assist you in planning.

Why a stairway?  Leaping is hard.  Stepping is easy.  Stairs get you from where you are to where you want to be.  The stairway is both a metaphor and a cost-benefit graph.  Studio Rebus works with homeowners to design and build an unique stairway for them.  The priced options on the stairway are options.  Perhaps the Sapling step will work for your family or perhaps Bristlecone.  These are starting points, examples.  Two phased tracks are shown.  In the backround is more do-it-yourself (DIY).  In the foreground is more done by Studio Rebus and its G = g team.   Perhaps you and Studio Rebus will design something completely custom.  The project may have a duration of a day or a month or phased over a decade.  What's most important is take the first step.

We use Greener materials and methods.

Here's one example of benefits :  For a G = g renovation in South Minneapolis we asked, "How much insulation should be added to the attic?"  We calculated a G = g depth would be 18".  Assuming that natural gas prices increase 4% per year, this approach had the lowest life cycle cost compared with leaving the existing 3" deep vermiculite alone or just adding insulation to meet the minimum required by the Minnesota Energy Code.  The life cycle cost = the installation cost + the operating cost + the maintenance cost - the salvage value.  The critical component in the operating cost is the assumption of how quickly fuel prices will increase.  We will have reduced the carbon footprint for just this element of the home by 80% over a seven year period.

If you've been directed to this page from a G = g Team Member's site, you might click on this link www.studiorebus.com to see the entire Studio Rebus site especially the pages for Greener is greener energy audit, financing, service providers and case study. 


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