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Join The Studio Rebus Alliance

 Rebus is an alliance of craftspeople and artisans.  Most Members are one or two person shops.  Rebus was designed by Kel Heyl : "As I worked my way around the industry I saw a sad arc in the life of many startup remodeling companies.  They would struggle to get established, land a few larger projects and ramp up the overhead.  Work would dry up and the companies would be crushed by the overhead burden." 

"I wondered if a more supple approach could be found to deal with the inevitable ebb and flow of the industry."  

"When an Alliance Member develops a lead, that Member acts as project manager.  A unique team is assembled for each project.  Team Members are comfortable generating their own work.  They have established client bases of varying scales.  They're looking to take on larger more profitable projects.  The team may stay together for additional work or may be disbanded if there are no larger projects in the offing." 

"Risks and rewards are shared equally.  Each Member participates in formulating the proposal, the design and the execution."

Some of our leads come from past clients.

 If you work as a designer or drafter or architect or engineer or carpenter or cabinetmaker or specialty trade or craftsperson or artisan or are an unusual salesperson and are interested in joining our Alliance, please contact Kel Heyl at kel@studiorebus.com or 763 412 8070 or write to 7601 Zane Avenue North  Suite 201  Brooklyn Park  Minnesota  55443.

You will need to provide a portfolio or website and references.  A CD or PDF file is fine.     You will also need to demonstrate your ability to comply with the IRS's rules for determining an independent contractor in the construction industry.

Studio Rebus Incorporated 

510 Sibley Street  Suite 503  Saint Paul  Minnesota  55101 

763 412 8070