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Studio Rebus.                                

We're a Minnesota based design-build firm with a specialty in remodeling and expertise in residential. Clients like design-build because there's only one company to talk with for estimating, budgeting, designing and building.

Vitruvius – a Roman master builder – writing in the first century BC asserted that architecture must radiate the three qualities.   One older translation is Firmness, Commodity and Delight.  A newer one is Solid, Useful and Beautiful.  These are the lenses we use to see solutions.

The Minnesota climate has no patience with a built environment that isn’t Firm or Solid.  All solutions for your project need to be robust.  Studio Rebus’ solutions must be robust.  Over the years we’ve had few callbacks.

You should have no patience for solutions which don’t fit you like a glove.  Yet the unique must be balanced by the universal.  We seek the Sweet Spot.

Here’s what we live for – building design solutions that for the first few seconds bring on a sharp intake of air : “Huh?”  Then : “Of course”.  That response we consider Beauty.

Our mission is to design solutions which transcend fads -- to build solutions which will feel new fifteen years from now.

A key difference between Studio Rebus and other companies is our budgeting and design process.  It's the exact opposite.  Most firms design first and bid second.  This often leaves the client with drawings they can't afford to build.  Using a technique called unit price conceptual estimating we can fashion a budget to guide the design process.

We work with you to draft a provisional program.  That answers the questions, "What do we want to happen in these spaces?"  "How big do they need to be?"  "How should they relate to each other and the larger world?"  With a program we can budget.  With a budget we can design.  Our approach significantly reduces the variance between budget and bid.  Our approach avoids unaffordable deadends.

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All designs, photos, sketches, schematics and text on this site are Copyright, 2012 Studio Rebus Incorporated. 

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