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                                                              Older Residences


Project for Seldon Todd.  Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.  This house was started in 1799 by two German brothers from Pennsylvania.  They would build the corners and their clients would complete the residence.  We rebuilt the cornices on the oldest part of the house, added venting, replaced some doors and repaired a floor.  We also leveled and shored the building to get ready for some structural steel reinforcement.


Projects for Linda and Ray Ferris.  Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This house was built in 1885.  In 2004 we removed the enclosed front porch and built a new one including a canopy.  In 2005 we remodeled two of the original baths and added a third.  In 2009 we assisted them with remodeling the foyer which included resurrecting the seven foot tall pocket doors.  They had some custom molding run to duplicate the existing.  The challenge?  There were 35 pieces of trim in each casing set on each side of the doors not including the jambs and stops.


Project for Alex Roberts.  Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This house was built in 1890.  In 2003 we removed some brick partitions in the basement and repointed the entire stone foundation.  We also renovated a second floor enclosed porch including strengthening and insulating the floor.  We also installed and finished a tongue and groove fir floor.  The tuckpointing was done by Metro Chimney and Masonary.

 Project for Claire and Rohn Miller.  Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This house was built in 1900.  This house started as a three story single family detached.  It was then converted into a duplex.  We converted it back to single family by changing circulation, installing doors and creating portals.  We had most of the trim duplicated by Scherer Brothers Lumber Company in Minneapolis.  The rest we fabricated ourselves.  We rebuilt the decorative exterior panels on the bays.  The work included duplicating the garlands and festoons. 

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