November 27, 2012 @ 9:13 AM

I trust the people I work with to deliver great service to my clients.  I have business relationships that're over a decade old.  There's pain when the trust is violated.  Not only emotional pain, but financial.  Was wondering why something wasn't being resolved.  I promised a client we could get energy rebates for her from the utility company.  Turns out there're a number of good reasons the vendor couldn't deliver.  In almost a year I was told it was being worked on.  "Resolved by the end of the week."  Turns out the guy who violated my trust had no ability to resolve because the president of the company he worked for had severed all ties because the rep had told so many lies and had delivered on so few promises.  In all the eMail and on all the calls he made no mention that he no longer represented the company.  Turns out that company is no longer in business, but the former president is making an attempt to get some of the rebates.

SO.  If you want to know who NOT to call for insulation -- call or eMail me -- 612 382 8067 --  

It's now easier to understand Bernie Madoof. . .