November 16, 2014 @ 11:50 AM

If it's not Sustainable -- it's not Beautiful.

If it's not Beautiful -- it's not Sustainable.

If it's not Sustainable the aesthetic response of the Unconscious it to read the space as dying, dead, toxic or lethal.  The best case response is tragedy.  Wasting an architectural opportunity is tragic.

What is Beautiful?  Go down the checklist : Does it belong on it's site? 

Belong?  Did it grow there?  Did it grow or was it plopped?  Was it extruded?  Was it tossed?  Was someone clearing their throat?  Could it be anywhere else? 

Is every component proportional to every other? 

Which values does it radiate?  Was it thrown together in the name of absurd deadlines and the single minded pursuit of profit?  Or was it built with love to honor the ages?  Does it guzzle resources or sip?  Does it overflow landfills or empty them?

The answers to these questions define a viable architectural aesthetic or architecture as tombstones for a dying civilization.  The Invisible Hand is a snatching hand not a caressing hand. . .

Our task is to make the Invisible Hand of Economics clasp the Visible Hand of Ecology in meditation.