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will this make it lower

and then another line

We think of architecture as the larger scale flowing to smaller scale flowing to the larger scale.  For example, the City flows to your Neighborhood flows to your House flows through your Door flows to the Large Chair where you're reading this flows through the House flows out the Door flows over the Trees and out toward the Stars. . .

We think of architecture as funnels.  Funneling space through an entry to an inflection point to an egress.  The logo is an example of a convex funnel.  There are also concave funnels.  The inflection point could be where the space is at its largest or smallest.  There is a funneling of people, ideas, fuel, food, water, data, sewage, waste heat, dreams and for the Chinese, Chi.

We think of architecture as that which is built between the curving edge of the sun and the curving edge of the moon.  The logo has a more cursive quality underscoring our favorite inflection point : design.

Architecture is the resultant of myriad interacting forces.  The logo depicts only two, say, what you can spend on one side and your designer's talent on the other.  Your project, the resulting architecture, exists between the two.  The logo is an extreme abstraction.  There are an infinite number of forces, the curves vary in strength and therefore waviness through time.  The lines may become tubes with pulsating diameters. . .

At a different scale one curve could represent economic forces and another ecologic.  

Studio Rebus Incorporated 

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