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                                                   Carbon Offsets


Let's assume you're doing a kitchen remodel in Minneapolis.  There would be eleven primary subcontractors and vendors.  This would require approximately 2200 miles of direct travel between their shops and your job site.  This would create about 1.1 tons of CO2.  We use Carbon Offsets to begin to balance the effect your remodel has on the Planet.  You might checkout www.carbonfootprint.com

The strategy is to help pay for a reforestation or renewable energy project somewhere on the Planet in an amount calculated to offset the CO2 produced during your project.  There are a variety of opportunities.  We prefer to invest in carbonfootprint.com's Americas Portfolio.  It does work in Latin America.

These Offsets support Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects that have generated Certified Emission Reduction credits.  The projects are fully verified to comply with Kyoto and United Nations standards via an independent Designated Operating Entity.

So what's this going cost?  Is your first thought your first born child?  Try between 15 and 40$ depending the Offset selected.

Carbonfootprint.com's website has calculators that allow you to Offset your home, your travel, your wedding, your parties, your film making and  your business.

At the conclusion of the project we'll present you with a certificate verifying the Offsets have been purchased.

Some purists believe this is just a way for the First World to let itself off an exceedingly sharp hook.  Studio Rebus sees it as a first awkward step toward sustainability.  If we don't start -- we'll die. 

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