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       G = g energy audit

 Some of the best values Studio Rebus knows of in the construction related community are energy audit services offered by Centerpoint Energy and Xcel Energy.   You can make an appointment with a state certified auditor.  For between 25$ and 35$ the auditor will do a complete inspection of your home and show you where you can make improvements to increase fuel use efficiency.  You need to be one of their customers to get these rates. 

A performance audit includes a blower door test and thermoscan.  The price is between 100$ and 135$.  These test provide much more valuable information to the auditor on the condition of your home.  The thermoscan uses infrared light to "see through" walls.  It makes it possible to assess whether there are voids in the insulation.  The blower door measures how tight the home is.  Studio Rebus highly recommends getting a performance audit done.  Call CenterPoint at 612 321 5000 or call Xcel at 800 895 4999. 

These audits are for fuel use efficiency.  Studio Rebus highly recommends a more holistic approach which in addition to the energy audit includes testing for electromagnetic pollution and Radon. 

Call Shaylee Oleson to get your home tested for Radon.  Radon is an odorless, colorless gas emitted from much of the rock found in Minnesota.  In high enough concentrations it can cause lung tumors.  After testing, if an actionable level is measured, Shaylee will develop a plan to mitigate.  She works with a number of techs to implement the plan.  Her contact information is listed on the G = g service provider page on this website. 

Studio Rebus will assist you in correlating all the results of the various tests and plans the specialists submit to develop an architecturally satisfying solution.

When ever Studio Rebus does a basement finish remodeling project, the first thing it always does before drawing any lines is to get the space tested for Radon.

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