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Check out www.mnhousing.gov  This is the website for the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency.  Take a look at the Fix-Up Fund.  They don't make loans directly to homeowners, but this is the source for the lenders' funds.  The site will answer your questions about what sort of projects can be funded.  (Almost any especially G=g.)  Currently the loan terms look like this.   5.99% fixed rate.  10 - 20 years depending on amount borrowed.  You can borrow between 2,000 and 35,000$.  You need to have an acceptable credit rating.  The household income can't exceed 96,600$.  The borrower must be the owner and occupy the building.  You may hire a contractor or do-it-yourself.  Funds available for single family detached, duplex, triplex or quad.  Any more questions?  Call their Help Desk @ 651 296 8215.


There are a number of lenders who are well versed in the Fix-Up Fund loans.  The loan officers can assist you pre-qualifying.  They'll need a sense of what you want to do, your income and your debts.  Here's a sampling of lenders.

Laura Bolstad at the Greater Minneapolis Housing Corporation  St. Paul office  651 228 1070.  "Very supportive for homeowners."  They don't pre-qualify.

Mary Davis at the Western Bank  St. Paul  651 290 7889.  Smaller.  "User Friendly."

Jim Hasnik at the Center for Energy and The Environment  612 335 5885.  A non-profit.

LeAnne Karras at the Neighborhood Energy Connection  651 221 4462.  A non-profit.

Rich Olson at the Northeast Bank  Columbia Heights  763 788 9351.  "Very hands on."

Eric Otterness at Lake Area Mortgage  Shoreview  651 209 2912.  "Four products at various pricepoints."

Cassi Pego at the American Bank  St. Paul  651 634 6252.






Studio Rebus Incorporated 

510 Sibley Street  Suite 503  Saint Paul  Minnesota  55101 

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