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                                          Getting Started

Studio Rebus is a design-build-bid firm with a specialty in remodeling and expertise in residential.  We can help you budget, design and build your project.

During a first phone call we'll listen to you talk about ideas with special attention to what currently works and what doesn't.  Before calling we recommend you visit our page on Price Tags.  Peruse the Hanley Wood costvsvalue link.  It'll help you get oriented in the marketplace.  Toward the end of our chat we'll ask what's your preferred budget.    To get ready for our first meeting it's helpful if you fill out our Pre-design questions.  It'll help us get on the same page. 

During a first meeting we'll develop your ideas.  We'll walk around with you and study the site.  Where does the sun shine?  Are there any views?  Are there any issues with privacy?  What're the condition and capacity of the existing mechanicals?    We'll revisit your budget.

It'll take about one week to prepare an estimate for your project.  We'll eMail you an interactive spreadsheet showing estimated project price and a number of options.  You'll see line item by item how we arrived at the price.  We'll also send a cover letter discussing our ideas for your project, opportunities and challenges, and laying out the next steps in the process.

Our estimate will state allowances for lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry and floor finishes. Hopefully the line items will invite discussion : 'What else could we do?"  "We'd like to spend a little less here and a little more there."

You're encouraged to modify the spreadsheet and send it back.  You can indicate whether our first guess works for you or whether you want to increase or decrease the budget.  We find it takes about three iterations before there's an approved budget.  Since concealed conditions are the bane of remodeling projects we include a section where you can add a contingency account for your project.

We will never be the cheapest or fastest.  Our aim is to create lasting beauty. 

Studio Rebus Incorporated 

510 Sibley Street  Suite 503  Saint Paul  Minnesota  55101 

763 412 8070