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Little Free Library

Have you met a Little Free Library?

If not -- you might checkout www.littlefreelibrary.org

One of our favorite clients did one to honor her late husband.

We looked at some online and some in front yards.  A lot of paperbacks flopped over on their sides.

Thought if we tilted the bookshelves -- gravity and geometry would help keep them in good order.

Our client requested the members of her family to bring a favorite book to Christmas dinner.

They're going to have a ceremony to fill and dedicate their Little Free Library.

For longevity we hemmed some aluminum coil stock and bent it to fit the roof.

  We used heavy duty overlay for stock. 

It's used to make the signs on Interstates.  The substrate is marine grade plywood.

We used a piano hinge for it's robustness and a magnetic catch.



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