Pre-Design Questions

At the beginning of the budgeting and design phase of your project we confront infinite possibility.  In the name of time and money we want to screen the good solutions for you from the not so good.  How to accomplish?  One tool Studio Rebus uses is the answers to the following questions.  Your answers aren't rendered in stone.  It's the nature of this phase to make provisional choices -- test them -- and adjust as required.  Studio Rebus is looking for the most fruitful place to start our work for you.  All answers are confidential.

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What is the nature of your project?
I like the design qualities of SRI's work.
The price of the project is what concerns me most.
I prefer a Greener solution for my project.
I'm quite concerned about escalating budgets, cost over runs and change orders.
Getting the highest quality, that is, having the fewest flaws in execution is what concerns me most.
SRI meeting my deadlines is what concerns me most.
I prefer a more creative solution to my project.
Ability to deal with the unforeseen and conflict resolution skills are what I seek in contractor.
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