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Let's be reckless.  Let's be bold.  Let's break a taboo.  Let's talk about money. 

One of the best ways to get started planning your remodeling project is to consult Hanley Wood's yearly Cost Versus Value report.  Click on the link.  Scroll until you get to the map of the United States.  Click on Minnesota.  After the West North Central map paints click on Minneapolis.  You'll get two lists of projects with prices and values.  One is midrange data -- the other is upscale data.

If you click on the type of project -- for example -- 'Attic Bedroom' -- you'll open on a new page.  Now this is really getting cool.  And even helpful.  Search on the lower right corner and click to Download Google SketchUp 8.  Follow the instructions.  You'll have a QuickTime frame.  At the bottom are options in brown to either click on 'attic interior' or 'attic exterior'.  Choose.  You'll get a sketch showing you the space so you can see the design and assumptions that created the pricetag.  There's a separate box to teach you how to use SketchUp.  You can change the design assumptions and see how that affects the pricetag.

    The most important thing?  You'll get oriented in the marketplace.

During a first meeting one of the elements we'll need to discuss is your budget.  This CostvsValue report will help ground your phantasies in the world of dirt, concrete, wood, glass and light.  The estimate we prepare for you will provide a range of pricing. There'll be a base price which accomplishes your program aims.  There'll be some options which reduce the price and some that increase it.



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